Feng Yung Cheng Co., Ltd.
Feng Yung Cheng Co., Ltd. established by Mr. Yang, Feng-Lin in 1980, is the largest producer of coin operated kiddy ride machines in Taiwan. The Feng Yung Cheng designs and manufactures various models of kiddy rides, (including models designed by our customers). We also design layouts for amusement parks and indoor and outdoor centre.To date, Feng Yung Cheng has manufactured 300 different kiddy rides models for our customers. Not only do we provide our product to the Taiwan market, we also export to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America. Our product is of the highest quality, as is our service. Our established customers keep coming back and we have a constant flow of new customers also. The operation of the machines is simple. You simply insert the coin(s) in the coin slot and the machine commences to move, either a rocking movement or side to side or around a circular track. During operation, the machines produce children's songs and fun music. Operating times and coins required can be adjusted by you the operator. The machines are suitable for installing in supermarkets, shopping malls, amusement parks or children's playgrounds. Machines can be purchased outright or you can operate as an agent and on sell the machines to others. You will make money either way. Based on our experiences, the machines have a productive life of over 20 years.

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