Brushless DC Fan, CPU Cooler

Product ID: HP-4010, HP-4510, HP-5010, HP-6012

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Length Width Height Specifications Note
40mm 40mm 10mm DC FAN N/A
45mm 45mm 10mm DC FAN N/A
50mm 50mm 10mm DC FAN N/A
60mm 60mm 12mm DC FAN N/A
120mm 55mm 20mm CPU Cooler FOR PII233-300MHz
60mm 60mm 30mm CPU Cooler FOR Pentium MMX 233MHz / Cyrix M2 / AMD K6 300MHz
  • Microprocessor Cooler
  • New Solutions For
    • Pentium II
    • Pentium MMX
    • Cyrix M2
    • AMD K6
  • Specialist for all kinds of DC FAN and heat sink.
  • Available Voltage: 5V / 12V / 24V
  • OEM are welcome.
  • No blind point.

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