Dehumidifier For Plastic

Product ID: RD100

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1.Air flow 100~1,000m³/hr, it supplies dry air of dew point under -40°C ensure product dimension stability. No fission, no sliver streak, on bubble, increasing impact strength.
2.Adopt moisture absorption element of ceramic. Regenerate temperature reach 180°C. Honeycomb wheel can be clean by water.
3.Adopt high pressure blower. When pressure increased in process, will influence small air flow, regeneration performance stable. Can be used with high efficiency filter, matching optical standard 0.1µm.
4.Out-putting filter and cooler can be clean regularly and easily.
5.With delaying starting function, can set any starting time. With overloading and overheating alarm function.
6.Easy to install; there is no need to be equipment with compressor air piping. (Option: measurement of dew point)
  • RD75: USD 2,500
  • RD100: USD 4,100
  • RD200: USD 6,000
  • RD400: USD 8,000
  • RD700: USD 19,000
  • Adopt moisture absorption element of ceramic long life.
  • Regenerate temperature 180°C save power.
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