Luxury aluminum alloy yurts

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Different from the traditional yurts, and is made of special designed aluminum materials, PVC flame-resistant material, engineering plastics material, and heat preservation materials.
Roof material
The top bamboo pole is used perennial solid bamboo. As artwork, it has several steps as following: the steam boiling, worm-preventing and mold-proofing steaming treatment, and outside varnish.
Frame materials: Lattice wall frames are made by aluminum alloy and bamboo trips are made by the bottom of old bamboo which is also very strong and thick and has the same process as the top bamboo pole.
The above two yurts are composed by wall deepings / connecting fittings / stay bars / slippers /clearstory/ door window and so on. The covers include inner decorated cloth, warm felt, waterproof canvas and external decorated cloth, which is mainly white with some paintings in national features, so that it can be achieved waterproof, heat preservation, wind resistance. Our yurts can bear the weight of about 200 kg, achieve wind-resistant grade 8-10, and be used as long as more than9-10 years

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