red quartz glass tube

red quartz glass tube

Red Quartz Glass Tube

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The red quartz glass tube is one of our characteristic products, which only can be made by our company in China. It is also advantage products in our company. The first domestic development and batch production of red quartz tube in quartz glass industry have originality and sophistication. With several trace elements added, it can stop UV and part of light, which can make full use of infrared ray. We have three colors for your choice .It is pink, wine red and black red. Diameter: 6mm-20mm ,wall thickness :1.0mm-1.2 mm, length:1.24 m or 1.51 m (common specification: diameter 6, 8, 10, 12 16 and 19mm),
The red quartz tube is widely used in the field of far infrared heating, such as heaters, sterilization tanks, microwave ovens, electric cookers, electric ovens, surface drying, automobile paint baking, etc.

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