Arhat Buddha fat flu

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Contains nutrients identified by the departments concerned, it not only rich in protein and the body of calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, and other trace elements, but also contain acid, Glutamic acid, lysine, threonine, cystine, cool acid, arginine, such as 18 kinds of amino acids and folic acid, orange peel-and-flavonoids, fructose, glucose, and so on over 20 kinds of nutritional ingredients, At the same time, VC, VA, VD, VE, VPP, VB1, VB2, VB6, and other vitamins as well as the important material and human longevity nucleic acid. In addition, also contain flavonoids and other anti-cancer substances Yi-three substances, harmful substances lead, arsenic zero. 12 kinds of cells involved in oxidation and reduction activities in the "fat Lohans of the Buddha" has become the current world the most, health care products in the gems.
  • keeping health
    • First, promote blood circulation, lower blood lipid and blood viscosity, dissolved cholesterol, promote bile secretion, increasing hemoglobin.
  • keeping health
    • Second, maintaining the brain and the body cells of the activity, maintain normal conduction of the central nervous system, the elimination of the destructive effects of ammonia, to prevent aging of cells, proliferation of blood in balance to maintain, increase immunity, restore fatigue, prevent free radical oxidation, anti-aging
  • keeping health
    • Third, promote brain cell metabolism, regulate brain, increasing memory, to promote nerve conduction and prevent the brain disorder
  • keeping health
    • Fourth, to maintain hair growth, provide human pigment, synthetic melanoma, the protection of skin cells, to maintain flexibility and connective tissue tightening, anti-dry skin and the rule of scale-like shedding skin.
  • keeping health
    • Flaccidity of testicular shrinkage, the formation of sperm and egg synthesis of phosphorus, the prevention of functional decline.
  • lubrication of joints, joint production of flexible, to bone growth.

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