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*Hex flange bolts DIN6921,IFI-111,12 point flange bolts,hex socket screw,special bolts
*Both cold and hot forging
*Grade:4.8,6.8,8.8,10.9/SAE 2,5,8,ASTM A307,A325;A2-70,A4-80
*Can make to your requirements


Wintech Industry focus on cutom engineered fasteners for a variety of market, we can offer the most complex shaped bolts(Dia.: M3-100/#6-4") both cold&hot forging plus extensive secondary operation. with 10 more years experience in this industry the company is alos able to offer a wide range of bolts in ANSI/ASME,DIN,BS,JIS,
ISO,UNI,AS standard to a diverse industries.

Our Current Product Range:
--Hex and heavy hex bolts,hex cap screws,hex flange bolts,
--Socket screw, set screw,carriage bolts,eye bolts,T bolts,
--stud bolts,double end studs,thread bar, U bolts
--Various special shaped bolts with special material is our advantage
--Material: Carbon,Alloy,Staniless steel,Brass,special Alloy steel.
--A full range of coating is also available.

The above are our product samples of Bolts, for more product information please write us directly. we are very happy to reply you asap. with our best price.

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