High-speed Ring-block Wear Testing Machine

Product ID: MRH-3

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Main Technical Specifications
1. Maximum testing force:3000N,Accuracy of testing force:≤±1%;
2. Determination of the maximum friction force:300N,Friction accuracy:≤±2%;
3. Spindle speed range:100~2000r/min(200~5000r/min)Variable and adjustable;
4. Spindle speed error:≤±2%,Display range of spindle revolutions:0~9999999r;
5. Time display and control range:0~9999s(min);
6. Test oil temperature range :Room temperature~100℃;      Temperature control accuracy:≤±2℃;
7. Standard test ring size (mm):φ49.22×13.06;
8. Standard test block size (mm):φ12.32×19.05;
9. Dimension of host machine(L×W×H)(mm):1000×700×1500
  • ISO 9000

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