Computer Control Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine(Double Column Type)

Product ID: WDW-Tseries

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This machine adopts the most advanced and reliable console model constructer, imported whole digital alternating servo motor and servo adjustment system, imported load sensor and imported photoelectric encoder. Whole digital measurement and control system can realize high precision, wide range measure and three closed loops control. The system of measure and control adopts high precision transducer, imported high quality electron device and whole digit design. And the card also complies with PCI2.1 and automatically distributes resources. Integrated double channels precision amplifier can automatically zero. Build-in large scale CPLD can program logistic chips, high speed operate and real time process. The whole digital control adjustment and demarcation can supply Single AD software interface. The software adopts blocking design, has many kinds of controlling means such as displacement, force, deformation, (stress and strain) metal tension and so on. Multistep control procedure can be compiled using program editor of the software by keyboard . We can analysis and process the testing data according to corresponding standards, and automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, non-proportional extend strength RP0.2, etc. Batch program of the software can sum up and compare the result and curve of one batch of specimen. The testing data adopts database management, supply word Excel and self-defining program and meet with the special requirements. Flexible editing mode of report forms can print satisfied table.
  • ISO 9000

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