Silicone rubber band

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Rubber band/ rubber bands/ silicone rubber bands / animal rubber bands/color bands, 100% pure silicone, soft, flexible, confortable and excelent

A. Rubber bands are 100% pure silicone, soft, tear resistant, excellent feel.
B. Rubber bands are non-corrossive, non-toxic tasteless, environmental protection.
C. Rubber bands are waterproof.
D. Rubber bands doess not stick the ash.
E. Rubber bands have the ultra strong resistance to wear and the strong coherence.
F. Rubber bands’ style and color can be sutomized according to customer needs.
G. Rubber bands can be customized into luminous, transparent, 3D, powerder and other effects.
H. Rubber bands have passed ISO 9001:2002 system certification, RoHS certification.
I. Rubber bands are suitable for hair accessories, toys, stationery, etc.

Please feel free to contact us, and let us know what you need, which size you nee, how many color on it, and other specification requirements.We promise to provide you the best and service. Thanks in advance.
.High quality silicone rubber band
  • ISO 9001:2002

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