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Product ID: QG-7702

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Application: Manufacturing high-class waterproof rain wear, snow wear, skiing dress,tents,waterproof covers, waterproof bages,hood covers, ship covers ect of PVC,PU,Rubber,3-Ply Cloth coating, and nonwoven fabric.
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    • -Power supply: 220V
  • Power: 2KVA
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      • -Compressed air: 3Kg/cm
    • Rubber roller re: 5-30m/min
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        • -Heating power: 1800w
      • -
        • -Heating temperature: 0-750
      • Rubber roller width: 25mm standard
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          • -Fusible band width: 14~23mm
        • Upper roller lift: 30mm
  • seam sealing machine
    • 1. Quality and price is best model machine
  • 2. It makes the system be very high to circulate speed and strong calculation function by adopting 32 ARM processor as its CPU.
  • 3. emperature automatic controlled by PLC, and fire alarm system to protect heater element.
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      • 4. Aumatic controlled PLC for circuit, high precision for working.
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      • 5. speed digital setting 0~28m, precision is □0.03mm/s.
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      • 6. Hot air from nozzle automatic adjustable avoids fabric burn, fit for different thickness fabric.
    • 7. Single air blow supply air for heating system avoids compressed vapor and oil.
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        • 8. Automatic tape cutting, sending and sealing trail to minimize waste of tape material.9. Automatic mini back function for better product quality.
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