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Biomagnetism functional magnetic rotundity bead(HJ501)
Biomagnetism functional magnetic spirality bead(HJ502)
Biomagnetism functional magnetic oval bead(HJ503)

>>Magnetic Therapy Function:
1),improving microcirculation; 2),regulating blood pressure; 3),abirritation; 4),sedation; 5),spasmolysis; 6),antiinflammatory; 7),detumescence; 8),anti-diarrhea; 9),bring high blood fat down; 10),anti-aging;

1),Regulating physiological function of the cervical vertebra and it’s surrounding tissue, and improving microcirculation of the neck and shoulder.
2),Allaying the tiredness, joint stiffness and ache of the neck and shoulder.
3),Improving cerebral vascular insufficiency. Allaying frequent headaches.

Suitable The Crowd:
Especially suit to
1),The people who have a lot of brainwork.
2),Sub-health population.
3),The patient with spondylosis, cervical spondylosis.
4),The patient with neck or shoulder often feel uncomfortable, joint stiffness, even feel aching.

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