Power Coil Screw Thread Inserts

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About Power Coil Wire Thread Inserts

Powercoil Screw Thread Inserts are used to create high performance threads and to repair damaged threads. The unique design of Power Coil inserts creates superior, stronger thread joints whose compound performance cannot be reproduced by any other fastening system.

Manufactured from 18-8 austenitic stainless steel (SST304), Power Coil Wire Thread Inserts provide high strength internal threads that resist the effects of temperature and corrosion. The smooth surface finish of Powercoil inserts also eliminates friction-induced thread erosion.

Available in two basic forms, free running or screw locking, Powercoil Screw Thread Inserts are much lighter and less expensive than any other equivalent type of screw thread insert such as Helicoil, Recoil, WTI inserts, or V-Coil. The compact size of Power Coil inserts also means that they can be incorporated into existing designs where no previous provision has been made.

Powercoil Insert Features and Benefits

Powercoil Screw Thread Inserts

Power Coil Inserts increase quality and performance whilst reducing overall product cost
Power Coil Inserts create internal threads in which wear due to thread friction is virtually eliminated. Useful in applications where repeated assembly & disassembly is required
Powercoil inserts protect tapped threads against failures due to stripping, seizing, corrosion and wear
Powercoil creates internal threads with greatly improved distribution of residual stress loading
Compensate for pitch and flank angle errors
Powercoil can generally be introduced into existing designs where no previous provision has been made
Make it possible to use thinner sections or lighter parent materials without sacrificing thread strength

Power Coil inserts are fully compatible with others such as Emhart Helicoil, Alcoa Recoil, Voelkel V-Coil, VCoil, V Coil, Armstrong Armacoil, Filtec, Kato Coilthread, Timesert, WTI

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