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Wired PSTN terminal with Telephone and POS payment functions, from its functions to aesthetic feeling and creation, or from safety and practicality to environmental protection, it has achieved the ergonomic design. It has 58mm built-in thermal printer and its function keys can be self-defined with customers' actual application. External serial port device, such as RF Card reader, PCI Pinpad, barcode reader can be selected.

Here are some examples of the applications:

* Basic telephone function: Caller ID; hands free; redialing; call records; phone book; calculator etc.

* Bank card business: Card to card transaction; card internal transaction; card to account transaction; credit card repayments; card account and score checking etc.

* Financial self-service: Checking balance; modifying password, checking history detail etc.

* Bill payment: Paying for telephone, mobile phone, water, electricity, gas, cable television, etc.

* Info notification: Inquiring information for financial services, tourism, health care and so forth; releasing SMS for financial information, notification, advertising of new products, new business etc

* E-Commerce: Buying lottery, ticket; offering bonus or rewards to clients; collecting points for each transaction; taking order and printing receipt.

* E-Government: Pay for fines, insurance, tax etc.

* E-TOPUP/E-VOUCHER: Direct credit charge on mobile or printing voucher for recharging

* Loyalty card management: offering bonus or rewards to clients

* Medical card application: easily installed in hospital or clinic for medical card usage. Save counter space and devices cost.
  • CPU
    • High performance CPU
  • Memory
    • FLASH Memory 4MB (expandable)
  • Dimensions
    • 24cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 9cm (H)
  • weight
    • 1.3 kg
  • Protocols
    • FSK Synchronous Protocols,ISO8583
  • PSTN
    • It supports PSTN fixed line, can be used easily at home.
  • Printer
    • It has built-in 58mm thermal printer, can print the receipt and voucher conveniently.
  • Card readers
    • It has built-in Magnetic card reader and Smart card reader at the same time.
  • barcode reader
    • It can connect with extenral equipment, such as barcode reader, RFID card reader, PCI Pinpad

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