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Wireless GSM/GPRS terminal with Telephone and POS payment functions, from its functions to aesthetic feeling and creation, or from safety and practicality to environmental protection, it has achieved the ergonomic design. It has 58mm built-in thermal printer and function keys can be self-defined with customers' actual application. The most special feature of this model is that its telephone function can be shielded and the handset can be removed if customers do not need it. External serial port device, such as RF Card reader, PCI Pinpad, barcode reader can be selected.

Telephone POS processing increases sales, saves time, and reduces operating expenses. Here are just a few of the benefits of using Telephone POS:
(1)Can accept cards where it previously was impossible (at home, in office, retail stores or public etc.)
(2)No second phone line needed and only one land line or wireless.
(30Reduces risk. Swiping reduces chance of fraudulent or stolen card being used.
(4)Increased security. Telephone POS terminal processing reduces the amount of cash handle.
  • CPU
    • 32bit arm720T
  • Operating system
    • Linux
  • Memory
    • NandFlash 64MB ,SDRAM 32MB
  • Dimensions
    • [without handset]20.2cm (L) x 13.0 cm (W) x 9.4 cm(H)
  • weight
    • 1 kg
    • This model supports GSM/GPRS wireless commmunication, can be used with the normal mobile SIM card.
  • Thermal printer
    • This model supports 58mm built-in thermal printer, can printer the receipt very conveniently after make the payment.
  • card readers
    • This model has built-in Magnetic card reader and Smart card reader at the same time, it can be used in all the self-service payment fields.
  • Telephone function
    • This model supports the telephone function, and its handset can be removed if users do not need the phone function.
  • SDK
    • This model can be provided SDK (software development kits) with free, thus users can develop own software easily.

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