Infant Mattress with Sleeping Positioner

Product ID: SP-6001

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Great idea for new born baby! Maintain infant elevated for easier breathing and digestion.
Easier to replace baby's diaper with the sleeping positioner.
Soft adjustable sleep positioner suitable for baby's growing.Removable sheet easy for washing.
  • For newborn baby
    • Especially design for the sleeping of the newborn baby;
  • help back growth
    • Positions baby on back for safe and secure sleeping;
  • help sleep
    • Unique design tined-shape positioning accord with baby's naturally sleeping position;
  • help breathing
    • Easier for breathing and digestion;
  • easier for parents
    • Easier to replace baby's diaper with the sleeping positioner;
  • Color
    • Pink / light blue
  • Applicable Age
    • 0-8 month
  • Material
    • Mesh, velvet, cotton inside

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