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Liaoning Mountain Mechanical Manufacturing Co. was built in the beginning of 2007, focusing on the production of Cannula, Syringe Needles, tubes cutoff and OEM products of Commodity & Specialty Cannula. We have acquired the certification of ISO9001:2001, and have passed the ISO audit from one of our customer, which is one of 200 leading companies in the world.

We have complete automatic product lines imported from South Korea, and electric-chemical grinding machines imported from USA. We can manufacture various kinds of specialty cannula, such as slotted needles, suture needles, insulin needles and so on. The capacity of our factory is 800 millions of cannula and 1.0 billion of tube cutoff.

With advanced and comprehensive inspection facilities and system, we can ensure high quality of our products, which have received good reputation from our international clients.

We sincerely welcome more friends to contact us for future cooperation.

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Cannula, Syringe Needles, Tube cutoff,