MouldQC Service Center
MouldQC Service Center(MQC) located in Huanyan--Hometown
of Mould, Kingdom of Plastics, it based on more then 3000 mould companies
which located in Tiazhou and Ningbo area.

1. MQC can help you find the right supplier

2. Bargain for you, save your cost

3. Follow up the whole process of mould project

4. Control your mould quality

5. Let us be your eyes and ears

6. Like your own employees in China

Are you satisfied with your mould suppliers in China?
Are you confused with the prices of the same mould from different
If the mould design solution be available? If it meets your
If the steel specification and standard parts meet your
Is the manufacturing schedule under your control?
If the mistakes be found and corrected immediately during your
mould is made?
Could the mould delivered on time?
What will be the quality of the mould?

Contact with MQC! Let us be your eyes and ears!
Follow up the full process during the manufacturing of the mould. We
are professional, we are down-to-earth, and we know local mould
companies, so we can do better together.

MQC will help you ......
Find the right mould suppliers.
Establish a clear and responsive communication channel.
Check whether the design meets your requirements.
Check whether the steel specification and standard parts meet your
Update you weekly reports and digital pictures of your mould.
Professional mould engineers who know HASCO and DME system
will check the full manufacturing process of your mould, make sure
that your mould are made exactly according to your requirements,
supervise and urge the mould manufacturing schedule to make sure
that your mould will be delivered on time.

In short, MQC will serve as your loyal office in China, follow up the full
process.MQC will help you to reduce any unnecessary cost, improve
your mould quality and strengthen your product's competitive power.
MQC will offer you a practical solution for establishing the long-term
relationship with companies which meet your requirements and deliver
in time!

Company Profile

  • Factory Location
    Huangyan Taizhou Zhejang
  • Established in
  • Business types
    • Exporter/Agent
  • Markets
      North America / Mid-East / Africa / China / Hong Kong / global