Vehicle Tracking Surveillance System-Mobile DVR Solution With GIS / Google Earth / Google Map / ITS

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Mobile Intelligent Technology is launching its new RMS SDK for Mobile DVR!! with SDK, you can easily integration Mobile DVR with ITS/GIS/Google Earth/Google MAP/Virtual Earth, and build up your unique customized project based GUI Appliaction.

We provide Mobile DVR Package or Mobile DVR System, to help you into IT surveillance very soon, our product is not just only Standalone MDVR product, but also provide the GIS GUI central management system for "customized"!!

Nowadays, Mobile DVR +GPS+3G(cdma/wcdma/hsdpa) is possible now, but still need the final GIS GUI based control system, then that's called a ready Mobile DVR Solution!! unlike traditional GPS+GPRS AVL system, We can show you the real-time Mobile DVR Video with GIS together!!

RMS (Remote Management Server) is ;
A very intelligent program and suitable for most general purpose used application.
Provides DVR/MDVR system information like; the system status, camera status, event status and alarm status.
Provides real time video received and backup from Mobile DVR via LAN or internet.
Controls and manages the DVR/MDVR by changing its settings from a remote PC.

RMS SDK (Software Development Kit) available.
Provide Mobile DVR ActiveX Component.
RemoteMonitor.ocx (Realtime Monitor).
RemoteViewer.ocx (Multi-function Realtime Monitor).
RemotePlayer.ocx (Remote Retrieves).
LocalPlayer.ocx (Recorded Files Playback).

Strength of Mobile Intelligent Technology:

Is a solid design house in Taiwan.
Is a leading designer and provider for Mobile Surveillance platforms.
Is well-experienced in Mobile DVR products.
Fundamentally R&D.
Provide Module and DVR Package(IPTV&DVR&Mobile DVR).
Is a full solution provider.

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