membrane pleated filter cartridge

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pp series is constructed of micro pore polypropylene madia and non-woven or silk net support. Adaptors are welded with cartridges without using glue, so there are no problems of release to cause second pollution.
  • description of PP membrane pleated
    • Micron retention rating:: 0.1μm、0.22μm、0.45μm、1μm、3μm、5μm、10μm、20μm、30μm、50μm
  • Length: 5″、10″、20″、30″、40″
  • Diameter: OD φ69mm、ID φ28mm
  • Filtration area: 0.50-0.70 squl-meters
  • Maximum recommended operating temperature:《80℃,at 0.1Mpa
  • Maximum recommended differential pressure: 0.3Mpa、50℃
  • Recommended maximum change out pressure drop: 0.28Mpa、25℃
  • Maximum steam temperature: 120℃ per half hour
  • Features of Membrane pleated
    • High surface area design provides superior flow rates and high dirt holding capacity.
  • Low pressure drop, long service lifespan.
  • Using 100% virgin polypropylene media with extenslve applications.
  • Wide micron rating range.
    • application
      • 1. Electronic industry: Chemical products and pure water
    • 2. Security filter for reverse osmosis
    • 3. Food & beverage industry: Mineral water, wines and fruit juice etc
    • 4. Medicine industry: Drug liquid, gases etc
    • 5. Chemical industry: Organic solvent etc
    • 6. Petroleum industry: Oil-field flooding
    • 7. Fine filtration for variety of gas
    • 8. Much finer pre-filtration

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