spiral elevator

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The using of the screw jacks:
1,machining stamping on the fastening device lifts, installation of overturning and movements platform of test equipment. 2,the gap adjustment of press roll, the structuring adjustment for Location of the delivery of Pipe or plate. 3,To adjust film thickness of Plastic Machine. 4,elevator shafts of installation and maintenance or locomotive maintenance
5,opening structure of the high temperature Furnace Door.
6,To adjust height about the blown mechanical mould of the plastic container.
7, Casting and moving model or Modeling coagulation 8,TO adjust electrode, hot liquid casting in Smelting area. 9,At construction aspect,it can be used in the locomotive equipment, the molds of finished products,lifting-droping of windows,walls and fences.
10,To adjust the height of stage, swimming pool, operating table about culture and public health. 11,raising or lowering of reservoir gates and protection plate about water conservancy . 12, The action can not be adjusted by human about scientific research.
  • Bearing
    • 0.5T,1T,2T,3T,5T,10T,15T,20T,30T,40T,50T,100T(T=ton)
  • technical data
    • 1. Lift speed: 75mm/min~1800mm/min
  • 2. Input power: 0.25 -21.8KW
  • 3. Screw rang: 5-16 mm
  • 4. Bearing range: 0.5T-100T
  • 5. Structure: Motor direct connection, screw jacks with land-rounds
  • Characteristic: positioning accuracy, completely self-locking fluctuation

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