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we can produce 12 parameters urine strips with different configurations according to customer.Our Reagent Strips for Urinalysis assist the health professional to quickly screen for abnormal body function. Any abnormal urine test result for Protein, Blood, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, pH, Nitrite, Ketone, Glucose, Leucocytes, Ascorbic Acid,Microalbumin and Specific Gravity gives the health professional good reason to search for the underlying patient illness or condition causing these abnormal readings.
Urine Chemistry Reagent Strips are packaged in many different configurations to provide just the right tests for a particular medical specialty or general practitioner.
Whether you use these Urine Chemistry Reagent Strips with an analyzer or read them visually, you can be assured the test results have been obtained using a quality urine chemistry test strip manufactured by us.
Main Virtue
ACCURATE (can be 99% of the results accuracy)
CONVENIENT ( can be used at any enviroment)
FAST (read results between 30 seconds to 120 seconds)

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