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our company is the biggest manufacturer which is specilized in the field of glass bongs ,glass pipes &smoking accessories.etc for many years . wel can provide various of glass pipes , smoking accessories .with top quality as well as reasonable price .
  • glass bong
    • 38X3.2mm,clear-15"ht,straight+1 umbrella+roor logo
  • ROOR#011-24-UM-ACB
    • 50X5mm,clear-24"ht,oval+1umbrella+ash catcher bottle +roor logo
  • ROOR#001-24-UM
    • 50X5mm,clear-24"ht,straight+1 umbrella, roor logo
  • hand pipe
    • hand pipe in grenade shape ,green color
  • glass bong
    • 51x5mm,49.2cm ht,conical shape+1 tree perk, w/6 arms,3pcs(glass stem and ash
  • catcher)

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