standard ultrasonic welder

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Standard Ultrasonic Welder
Main features:
1. Lift body electrically and adjust moulds conveniently and efficiently;
2. Frequency adjustment and frequency auto-compensation circuit;
3. Gravity casting and CNC machining with high precision;
4. CNC machining with the spherical oscillator holder;
5. Horizontal tuning with the fine screws and with high precision.
Model: KEB-2015 KEB-2018 KEB-1522 KEB-1526
Frequency: 20KHz 15KHz
Power: 1500W 1800W 2200W 2600W
Stroke: 75mm-125mm
Welding time: 0.01-9.99Sec
Welding area: 100 150 200 250
Dimensions: L580mm*W420mm*H1200mm
Weight: 100kg
Place of origin: Suzhou, China

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