Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Rechargeable Led Flashlight

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Product ID: MLD-1087

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MLD-1087 Plastic Rechargeable Led flashlight(electric torch), a newly designed one with bright colors that meets customers request, it easy to carry with powerful lightbeam that sun-lights road ahead, features and opperating instruction as follows:

1. LED quantity: 7 LED
2.Visible Distance: 200m
3.Battery nature: rechargable lead acid battery
4. External Dimension:180*50*35mm
5.To recharge in 110V-240V Votage for 8-10 hours.
6.Push the button to "ON" lights will appear, push the button to "OFF", the flashlight be off.
7.The battery inside the flashlight is rechargeable lead acid one(300-500 times) with longlife (at least 2years) , once fully charged, it can work continuously for more than 12 hours
8.Please recharge it once it out of power, To keep its long life span, please recharge it every 60days when it not used for monthes.

we also provide OEM service to all kinds of Led flashlight, no matter materias or shape, if there are any questions or requirements pls feel free to contact us.
.Rechargeable Led Flashlight
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  • ISO9001

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