all stainless steel pressure gauge

Product ID: PG-SS

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Dial Size: 63mm(2.5inch),100mm(4.0inch),150mm(6.0inch)
Range:0-1 to 700kgcm2 with PSI,BAR/PSI,Single scale kg/cm2/bar,pressure/vacuum
Dial:aluminum Black Graduation on White background
Entry:bottom connection
Ambient Temp: -20C - 60C
Over pressure:full scale value
Case and bezel: stainless steel case and bayonet ring(flat type)
Bourdon tube shape:stainless steel for below 70KG/CM2 in c shape, abve 70kg/cm2 in Helicoil
Movement:stainless steel
Socket material:stainless steel,weld case together
Connection: 1/8inchBSP(NPTor others), 1/4inchBSP(NPT),3/8inchBSP(NPT OR others) 1/2inchBSP
Pointer:black colour aluminum pointer
Window: polycarbonate window
Liquid filled:glycerine oil or glycerine oil
Application:for extended life and harsh and corrosive and vibration environments

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