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We are absorbed in innovation and brand protection for many years. We have already developed and put into use of the equipments for pig/cattle/goat/poultry, which are assessed and identified by the experts for its advanced standard in technical data and combination property. And the leading products for pig/cattle/goat have filled the gap in China, and achieved the EU standard, which can totally replace the same products abroad.
  • chicken slaughering equipment
    • chicken slaughering equipment
  • Poultry slaughter equipments: Chicken/duck/goose cage washer ,chicken/duck/goose cage conveyor , Anchor chain type auto convey line , water-bath electric numb machine, cot opener for duck and goose, chicken/duck/goose head feather plucker, “A” type feather plucker , vertical feather plucker ,etc. These products are in good sale both home and abroad. The main customers are Xiaoyi Poultry Group in Shanxi Province, Tonghua Meat Co,Ltd in Jilin Province, Liaoyang Group in Liaoning Province, Linyi Poultry Group in Shandong Province, etc.
  • poultry slaughter house equipments
    • poultry slaughter house equipments
  • Jianhua company follows the management principle of scientific priority, quality first and customers first so that can promote the optimization of products structure and manufacture standardization. The above products produced by our company have passed scientific achievement test by Butcher technology identification center of State Ministry of Commerce which organized by specialist. And they were all authorized and constituted items included 22 Chinese industry standard, 10 National standard and 22 National Patent, and 64 of them have been accepted. So our company awarded “Certification of National Spark Plan Program.”
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