Sinobaler Bottle Baler

Sinobaler Bottle Baler

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Sinobaler Bottle Balers

Product ID: SVBB2

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Bottle Baler

Also backed by CE certificated, this SVBB2 series Bottle Baler is specially designed for baling all kinds of plastic bottles such as soda bottles, oil bottles, PET plastic bottles and HDPE plastic bottles. The extended rams ensures that even the bottom bottles of the bale can be compacted. The Bottle Baler SINOSPECT supplies is produced as an automatic bale ejector for quick and easy turn-around time. To get more about this Bottle Baler, please click the left side picture and see the features and specifications as below or Contact Us Now to get further information! We are ready to fill your volume orders!

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Features :

  • Special design for draining liquid that remains in the bottles
  • .
  • Automatic bale ejector for quick and easy turn-around time

  • Special wheel design to keep platen horizontal even if the feeding is uneven

  • Wheel screw for easy and safe opening control of the chamber door

  • Equipped with independent emergency stop button

  • Integrate welding

  • Double cylinder models for your choice

  • Optional lifting trollies for easily handling and transporting bales

  • CE marked

  • An ideal model can be designed and equipped in SINOBALER to meet your specific baling requirements.

    Available standard models: SVBB2-300, SVBB2-400, SVBB2-500

    Specifications :

  • Compressing force:30Ton

  • Compressing time:35s

  • Feed opening size (L*H):800*500mm

  • Compressing chamber size:1100*700*1700 mm

  • Bale size:800*600*(200-700)mm

  • Bale weight (approx./ Coca Cola bottles):120kg

  • Throughput (approx.):5~7 bales/hr

  • Voltage (can be chosen):220V~480V

  • Power:7.5kw

  • Weight (approx.):1400kg

  • Dimension :1280*800*3850mm

  • For more models, Please login our website: for detailed models and specifications or please contact us to discuss your application so that we can recommend or customize suitable machine to meet your specific needs.

    • CE

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