Sinobaler Coconut Squeezing Machine

Sinobaler Coconut Squeezing Machine

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Sinobaler Coconut Squeezing Machine

Product ID: SVB2-CN

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Baling Machine

SINOBALER supplies various and different superior Baling Machine with advanced technologies and facilities. The Baling Machine we supply include horizontal and vertical balers which are well-suited to compact reusable waste like plastic, cardboard, paper, cans, fiber, foam, textile and other compressible materials into uniformly-sized denser bales from 20kg to 800kg.

Successfully extends to the markets through the whole world, you can find our Baling Machine in the areas like Asia, America, and Europe with good reputation and commends.

To get more other Shredders and Balers products and facilities such as Plastic Shredder, Single Shaft Shredders, Double Shaft Shredders, Single Ram Balers, Two Ram Balers, Bottle Baler, Auto-tie Balers, Manual-tie Balers, Pipe Crushers, Crushers, Cardboard Baler, Vertical Baler, Horizontal Balers, Press Machine, other Shredders and Balers, please come to our showroom to find more products details.

Advantages of working with SINOBALER:

  • Diverse capacity and configuration options

  • Real-time order tracking through ERP

  • Top-ranking quality at competitive price

  • Field engineering service

  • Considerate before and after sales service

  • Choosing Sinobaler leads to great investment returns.

  • Please login our website: for detailed models and specifications or please contact us to discuss your application so that we can recommend or customize suitable machine to meet your specific needs.

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