Aluminium Cabinet

Product ID: VLG

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1. Aluminium frame, simple structure, goodliness look.
2. High density hole in front and rear door, ventilation rate reach 70%-80%
3. The channels for cable layout in the bottom are adjustable in demand.
4. Color: White or demand in match.
5. Surface disposal: Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, ICI high density static powder coated with high temperture bake technology.
6. Material and thickness: High quality cool rolled steel. Mounting Rail: 2.0mm, others: 1.2-1.5mm
7. Degree of Protection: IP23
  • Vlg6642
    • 600W*600D*42U
  • Vlg6842
    • 600W*800D*42U
  • Vlg6942
    • 600W*900D*42U
  • Vlg6042
    • 600W*1000D*42U
  • ISO

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