Bomin Electronic CO.,LTD.
Bomin Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan and specializes the following electronic components:LED Indicator Light, Neon Indicator Light, Tungsten-filament Indicator Light, Indicator Light Holder, Pushbutton Switch, 2 in 1 Switch, Circuit Breaker, Fuse Holder, AC Socket, DC Socket, Instrument Box, Limited Switch, Counter, Hourmeter, Proximity Switch, Programmable Logic Controller, Foot Switch, Photoelectric Switch, 16mm Indicator Lamp, 16mm Pushbutton Switch with Lamp, 16mm Pushbutton Switch, 16mm Key-operated Pushbutton Switch, 16mm Selector Pushbutton Switch with Lamp, 16mm Selector Pushbutton Switch, 16mm Emergency Stop Switch with Lamp, 16mm Emergency Stop Switch, 16mm Buzzer with Lamp, 16mm Buzzer, 22mm/30mm Indicator Lamp, 22mm/30mm Pushbutton Switch with Lamp, 22mm/30mm Pushbutton Switch, 22mm/30mm Emergency Stop Switch, 22mm/30mm Selector Pushbutton Switch and 22mm/30mm Selector Pushbutton Switch with Lamp.