Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Humidity Temperature Transmitter with CMOSens Microprocessor

Product ID: Humidity Temperature

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This transmitter is adopt the CMOSens technology, measure the humidity and Temperature with high stability. There is 2 components in the sensor, measuring the humidity and hemperature respectively.In the same sensor chip, the 2 components was seamlessly connected with 14-bit A/D converter and serial interface circuit.

The Microprocessor sample the humidity and temperature, dozens of times by each second, then calculate the average signal value by the sample times (frequency) and filter time. The temperature range is -40C to 120C. The average filter time is 1 second, the range and the filter time could be fixed.

* Measure the Humidity and Transmitter in the Ventilation systerm
* Control the critical temperature and humidity
* Monitor the environment of room, control the environment of hospital, greenhouse, etc.

* Quickly response linearly, Integration for temperature and humidity
* Digital circuit design
* Programmable signal range, wide measure range, high accuracy
* Signal filtering, more stable and reliable performance, stronger anti-interference ability
* COM port for calibration and measurement on the spot
  • 1. Temperature Technology Data
    • * Accuracy: -/+ 0.5 C
  • * Temperature Range: 0~50C,
  • 0~100C, -20C~80C,
  • or Custom-Made OEM ODM
  • * Response Time: 5 s
  • * Drift: small than
  • ISO9001: 2000
  • ISO14001: 2004
  • OHSAS18001: 2007

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