Wireless Home Security Systems

Product ID: LX-HS08

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1.It gathers sense, alarm and dial.
2.Can save 4 groups telephone numbers.
3.After power cut off, the saved information will not lose.
4.Long-distance intermit alarm and dial.
5.Long-distance monitor hearing scene.
6.Long-distance set the controller.
7.You can use remote controller to operate panic, arm and
8.3 sections speeches can be recorded;
9.Play function.
10. Operating the controller need password
  • Specifications
    • Power: 9VDC(power adapter convert)
  • Standby Power: DC9.6V(chargeable battery)
  • Working Frequency: 433MHz or 315MHz
  • Remote Control distance: >30m(open position)
    • Option unit
      • Smoke alarm(LX98-RF, LX728-RF)﹜siren(LX-SR)、Wired sensor-glass break(LX-AL5、PIR (LX-AL6), PIR &glass break LX-AL7, Double detectors PIR(LX-AL11)、Wired or wireless PIR (LX-AL9)!

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