HVC-50D1 Automatic rotary turret Vickers hardness tester

Product ID: HVC-50D1

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Vickers hardness tester in six models: 10kg respectively manual and automatic transfer Tavi hardness tester, 30kg manual and automatic transfer Tavi hardness tester, 50kg manual and automatic transfer Tavi hardness tester, Hardness is the use of precision machinery and sensors and optical, electrical, computer program control of the new combination of hardness testing equipment. The series has changed the traditional hardness tester hardness tester as a pilot with the weight the weight of the loading force, rather use of precision pressure sensor closed-loop control to simplify the structure of the hardness tester, hardness increased degree of automation and integrated precision, is the currently the most advanced process control using a Vickers hardness tester. It can be used to test the metal Vickers and Knoop hardness, measured by the diagonal value of the input to the integration of calculators, which calculate the hardness value. The machine is also reserved for CCD and computer interface in order to connect the output port. D-type also has a measurement objective lens and the pressure head of the function of automatic switching devices.
The series hardness tester wide range of application is suitable for measuring small, thin shape and surface coatings treated seepage parts, also applies to the general machinery parts testing, Vickers hardness testing of materials more brittle material microstructure and hardness measurement. Factory quality inspection departments and schools materials, testing and teaching, and so the ideal hardness testing equipment
  • ISO9001-2000

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