HBMRRV (M)-187.5D1 All-purpose digital hardness tester

Product ID: HBMRRV (M)-187.5D1

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The instrument has a variety of test force and a variety of pressure head for the determination of metal materials or Brinell specimen surface Rockwell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness. For ferrous metals (steel, cast iron, soft steel, hardened steel, etc.) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper alloys, etc.) of the hardness measurement, and determination of carbide, carburized layer hardness and chemical processing layer.

HBMRRV (M)-187.5D1 type hardness tester Universal digital control system using single chip LCD display features an intuitive menu, you can convert a variety of hardness values, the hardness testing automated operation. The machine built-in printer, record the entire testing process, the main technical data. In addition to test hand-off and landing, the full realization of the test force applied, removable, hardness and other automated operation of the direct display, this machine high precision, eliminating the human operational error, is a high-tech mechanical and electrical integration with the international advanced level hardness testing equipment. So the machine has high precision, easy operation, high sensitivity, easy to use, reliable, variable charge, showing the value of stable, widely used in factories measuring room, laboratories, universities and research institutions.
  • ISO9001-2000

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