SohoBasic iSharer201 - Internet Sharing Device

Product ID: iSharer201

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The SohoBasic iSharer201 provides an efficient low-cost solution for Internet access. It uses a single user account to deliver Internet access to your LAN users. When comparing the operating cost of the iSharer201 to route hardware, a Class C IP address, and multiple modem costs, it's easy to see why the iSharer201 stands out-minimized Internet access cost for all users across your network. Whether its email communication, downloading software, or just surfing the Internet, the Isharer201 provides the multiple-user connection you need.
  • Multiple users share a single ISP account.
  • Mapping a single external IP from the ISP to multiple internal addresses saves hundreds of dollars on Internet bills.
  • Simple configuration using either a terminal program, or from anywhere in the LAN using a Web browser.
  • Easy installation with 10BASE-T or 10BASE2 LAN connections (automatically detected).
  • Provides natural firewall and secure gateway for LAN users.
  • PPP security ensured with PAP/CHAP.
  • Dial-on-demand service lets you immediately access the Internet simply by activating your browser and entering a URL.
  • 56K modem and 128K ISDN TA supported.

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