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Pentium TX M/B Pentium. The Bluepoint Pentium VIA M/B with its VIA VPX chipset incorporates system board, ISA I/O, PCI IDE in one board that provides all the PC solutions. The main board is a Pentium CPU base PC/AT system with 512 K cache. It's ideal for multi-tasking and fully supports, Intel P54C/P55C; AMP 5K86, K6, and Cyrix 6x86 CPU with dual voltage regulator.
  • CPU bus clock 50~75 MHz; PCI bus 25/30/33 MHz.
  • Award Pentium PCI BIOS with DMI, green, PnP, soft-off control.
  • System Memory up to 256 MB; 2* SIMM & 2*DIMM sockets.
  • Support fast IrDA and PS2 mouse.
  • On board AT & ATX power connector & USB connector, support ACPI power management and Ultra DMA 33.

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