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Printer Slotter

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Printer Slotter

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The printer slotter, a machine which can provide you fine quality of carton box making, uses laser-engraved ceramic anilox rollers for perfect printing and long life. The ink supply has a “Low Ink” warning device which sounds an alarm and lights a warning lamp, when the ink is running out. The print cylinders are fitted with a locking device which holds the melamine print die backing on the full circumference of the cylinder. This improves print quality. The print unit of the printer slotter has zero registration, to line up the feed and slotting/crease unit, to reduce set up time.

The print unit has precision running register and a pedal switch on the print cylinder for easy of stereo die mounting. The required sizes is pre-set via the computer system, micro adjustment can be made using the buttons on the unit. This speeds up the setting process of the printer slotter machine and at the same time, saves your working time. The slotting unit, printing unit and feeding unit are operated under a pneumatic coupling system to enable the equipment frames to undertake a rapid and energy saving opening and closing processes. And the printer slotter frames of slotting unit and feeding unit can be locked at the same time to enable a more stationary operation. 

The slotter shafts are chrome plated and having gone through a precision grinding process that makes them strong built and durable. The heads of the printer slotter have a 360 degree revolving micro adjustment device for the slotting knives, also the adjustment can be made while the machine is running. The slotting depth of printer case can be adjusted under a speed ratio of 1:1 micro adjusting the gap which may be required after initial set up. The slotting heads have fixed and movable knives for rapid adjustment of the slot and panel depth. And, they are equipped with “reset” function.

The creasing and slotting heads of the printer slotter are linked through a yoke system for accurate alignment. Also a micro adjustment device of this specific aligns the upper and lower tools accurately. with stop feeding and shut off device (emergency stop device). If you have any further questions, please send your inquiry to us.

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