NSK-322 Two Color Vertical Type Automatic Plastic Injection

NSK-322 Two Color Vertical Type Automatic Plastic Injection

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Shoe Making Machines

Product ID: NSK-322

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This machine is used for producing, straps and uppers.
1.This machine with high efficient hydraulic straight pressure clamping mold type. It’s powerful clamping mold force. Any high quality shoes are available for making, like football shoes and others.
2.Its hydraulic straight pressure type clamping mold device can change and regulate molds easily and quickly.
3.Unique feeding screw design, efficient hydraulic units, PVC, TPR, TPE foaming and unfoaming material, even high class material, TPU, NYLON and Formaldehyde are available.
4.The efficient mold cooling system ensures temperature of mold stabilized, can shorten the need time of product's cooling, molding to improve quality and productivity.
5.Digital type P.L.C. control system with proportional hydraulic control system can be set different condition based on different material and molds to increase product's type and quality.
6.Full automatic operation system, only one person can operate it easily.
7.Complete safe device ensures a safe environment for worker, mold and machine.
8.Automatic monitoring system and broken-down display system, the need maintenance point can be indicated clearly and quickly. Even an unskilled worker can operate and maintain this machine easily.
Item Specification Unit
Number of Stations 2 station
Clamping Mould Force 110 tons
Material Inlet Height of Mold 110 mm
Size of Mould Available L500 x W450 x H170 ~ 220 mm
Numberof Injecton Base 2 _
Screw Diameter 55 mm
Max. Injection Volume 600 cm³
Thermal Zone of Barrel 4 _
Motor 30HP x 2, 5HP x 1 HP
Electric Heating Capacity 7.7 x 2 Kw
Max. Electric Consumption 62 Kw
Machine Cubic Content L4,540 x W4,000 x H2,440 mm
Machine Weight 13.3 tons

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