NSK-393 Three Color Rotary Type Automatic Soles Jointing & Ejecting Machine

NSK-393 Three Color Rotary Type Automatic Soles Jointing & Ejecting Machine

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Three Color Rotary Type Automatic Soles Jointing & Ejecting Machine

Product ID: NSK-393

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1.It produces three color sport shoes in one step to replace the former complicated procedures of lasting, gluing, sole attaching.
2.It can use P.V.C., N.B.R., T.P.R. and P.U.
3.The photoelectric digital control system with three patents divides the ejection quantity into sixteen sections, thus making the ejection precise.
4.The machine is controlled by the computer.
5.The computer controlled disc completely safe guards the system and ensures protection of the molds.
6.Molds shift automatically and no operators are needed, therefore improving safety and reducing damages to the molds that might be caused by manual operation.
7.Auto material passage clamping system reduces manpower and improves safety of the machine.
8.The disc is driven by the hydraulic system with hydraulic brakes, which enables the disc to move steadily and position accurately.
9.The hydraulic mold clamping system generates great clamping power, which results in no burrs and no permeation of colors.
10.The height of molds is adjustable, so this machine can produce sport shoes, canvas shoes, snow boots and safety boots.
11.Feeding screw is run by the hydraulic motor, the machine works speedily, noiselessly and is breakdown free.
12.Powerful ejection joins three colors of materials perfectly-no permeation of colors and great joint.
13.The unique screw rod design makes it easy to change the color of materials without any left-overs.
14.Lat pulling and California pulling can be produced at the same time.
15.Single-color, two-color, and three-color molds are suitable for this machine. Furthermore, this machine can produce single-color, two-color, and three-color, shoes simultaneously.
16.The hydraulic system and electric circuit system are separated. It is easy to maintain this machine.
To meet the market requirement, we have applied our years of experience and adopted techniques and concepts from Europe and America to improve the NSK-294.We finally developed the NSK-393-3C three color automatic rotary soles jointing & ejecting machine. This machine has photoelectric digit control system which has three patents from the national Bureau of Standard, Taiwan, The system is not only easy to control, but also durable, thus improving production efficiency.
The special screw rod makes it easy to feed material evenly and speedily. It is also easy to change the color of materials. The computer synchizes operation thus the machine works precisely. The joint of soles is excellent-no separation, no permeation of colors. High quality products increases ones market competitiveness. P.V.C. canvas, P.U., and leather are suitable for this machine.
Item Unit NSK-393
Screw Rod Diameter mm 72 x 1, 60 x 2
Ejective Capacity cm³ / shot 680 x 1, 480 x 2
Screw Revolution r.p.m. 60-110
Stroke of Mold Clamping mm 100
Size of Mold Available mm 180 x 380
Motor of oil pressure pump kw / pole 4P x 7.5HP / 6P x 20HP x 2
Oil-Pressure Motor for Screw Rod Driving cc / rev 230
Electric Heating Capacity kw 23 (heating cylinder)
Acting Oil Capacity L 300 / 200
Machine Weight ton 14 + 43
Machine Volume mm 9,400 x 3,200 x 2,700
Gross Weight ton 17S + 5S
Packing Dimention mm 6,600 x 3,400 x 3,000 / 3,500 x 3,200 x 1,700

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