Cold Drawn Round Bars

Cold Drawn Round Bars

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SUJ2 Bearing Steel Wires And Bars

Product ID: JUNE-LAI J2

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June Lai have full stocks of various sizes and shapes for this grade.
We can supply according hot rolled wire rods & bars, sophoridized annealed wires, cold drawn wires & bars, polished round bars.
  • Shapes: Round, cold drawn round, square, hexagon...etc
  • Process: Required for purchase's option
  • Sizes: 1.00 MM-36.00MM
  • Lengths: The standard of straight bar 4.0M and made by buyer's instruction
  • Tolerance: Produced by factory standard
  • C: 0.95-1.10%
  • Si: 0.15-0.35%
  • Mn: 0.50% Max
  • P: 0.025% Max
  • S: 0.025% Max
  • Cr: 1.30-1.60%
  • High carbon-chromium alloy steels, special hard toughness
  • Good wear resistance and superior in impact value
  • Higher stability and less deformation after heat-treatment
  • Range of application: A series of bearing, axis, bearing ball, shaft

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