Thyristor Power Regulator

Thyristor Power Regulator

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Thyristor Power Regulator

Product ID: SSR Series

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  • S series with ingenious design, small dimension, big cooling area, sufficient capacity .
  • Special design DIN35 orbit fixed, easy for installation, dismantling, moving.
  • Double SCR design, high withstand voltage, high withstand current, no electrical interference.
  • Stop output in case for over temperature that is for protecting SCR and instruction function.
  • Single speciation design with wide useful range from 24VAC to 480VAC.

Model Number Denotation

  SR48Z18 SR48Z26 SR48Z36 SR48Z46
CURRENT VOLTAGE 24~480VAC 24~480VAC 24~480VAC 24~480VAC
FUSE FWC-25A10F FWC-32A10F 45ET 63FE
DIMENSION 90L*54W*98H 90L*54W*148H 90L*54W*148H 130L*54W*148H
WEIGHT 0.45KG 0.6KG 0.65KG 0.9KG
Unit : mm

Description Of Indicator Lamps

Input:Input signal 4mA green led lamp is with weak light, green led lamp is full light when input signal 20mA.

TH Err:Temperature of cooling sheet is over 90°C,red led lamp is lighting which means over temperature, output of scr will stop, please check high ambient temperature or poor ventilation.


Notice conditions

◎ One temperature controller can only control one unit SCR.

◎ The max output voltage is 95%.

◎ It can be complete work to 100% if ambient temperature is under 30°C,otherwise, please operate it under current rating.

◎ Make choice of purchase please cogitate power fluctuant rate and heater error, or order aggrandize a upper grade.

  • CE

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