2-in-1 Integration System LDWS+FCWS

Product ID: CB026B

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2-in-1 Integration product, providing LDWS and FCWS function for a better solution.

FCWS Function:

“Give Visual & Voice warnings when the distance from the front car LDWS Function:

“Give Visual & Voice warnings when the vehicle is out of its lane marking”

CB026B Specification
Sennsor CMOS
Field of View
Dynamic Range 74.6db
Operating Temperature -10℃~70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~85℃
Input Voltage 6V-36V
Power Consumption
320 mA@12V
Dimension 100mx70mmx15mm
  • 3.5” LCD panel: Easy to install, operate and set up parameters for first-time use
  • External GPS: Estimate vehicle speed. When the speed is over 50km/hr, LDWS & FCWS turn on automatically
  • Real-time Warning: Give visual and human voice warnings to remind drivers of danger
  • Mini Camera Applied: High resolution image for highly recognizing lane markings and measuring front distance

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