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The 4-Tran H801 provides the most cost-effective, practical, 6 channels naturalistic PCI Audio solution for both desktop and notebook computers. Its 6-speaker output has all essential features of today's gaming requirements while complying with PC98 standard of audio quality.
The 4-Tran H801 is a PCI bus, multi-speaker audio sound card with an advanced audio controller FM801, by Forte Media. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Direct X and Thousands of DOS games. Legacy Audio block supports Ad Lib Music Synthesizer, Sound Blaster Pro, MPU401 UART mode and Joystick function in order to provide highest hardware compatibility for numerous PC games on real DOS environment.
With high-quality stereo audio CODECs, compliant with the AC' 97. The 4-Tran H801 performs a very good sound environment at > 95dB S/N ratio and 20~20KHz wide-range of frequency response. Its performance is even much better than some of stereo audio system.
  • Multiple speakers: up to 6 channel maximum output
  • 16-bit stereo Digital audio Engine: with built-in sample rates converter range from 5 kHz to 44.1 kHz, to give low floor noise, AC-97 ver.2.1 Compliance
  • Professional Wave Table Synthesizer: with 128-voice, supporting MID (General MIDI) and RMF (Rich Music Format) files, 32 MIDI channels with 526 instruments and 8 reverb effect
  • Superior Q3D positional filter API: provides scalable audio for 3D games. WDM audio driver support future features especially for 3D games under Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0
  • MPU-401 port, Dual analog/digital joystick interface, Push button volume control
  • Call upon to play the part of a PC-DVD solution to achieve the optimal AC-3 Hollywood-quality for movie play and audio track listening
  • Operating System Support: Windows 95, Windows 98, windows NT 4.0, and Real DOS
  • Audio Input: microphone Input, Stereo Line Input, CD, Modem, PC beep, TAD ACPI, PME, and PCI CLKRUN power management
  • PCI 2.2 Compliant
  • Microsoft Direct Sound and MM System Compliance
  • 128-voice Software Wave Table Synthesizer support Available
  • Superior 3D positional Audio Support
  • Creative Environmental Audio (EAX) game titles Compatible
  • Native DOS Game Support without Software emulation
  • Analog/Digital Joystick Interface
  • Legacy Audio compatibility
  • Hardware Sound Blaster Pro compatibility
  • Ad Lib compatible Music Synthesizer
  • MPU401 UART mode MIDI interface Joystick

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